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Hello! I'm Shelby

Hey there! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Shelby Rae, I am a licensed tattoo artist and licensed cosmetologist. I specialize in permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing.  I have been in the cosmetic industry est. 2009 and the permanent make up industry est. 2018. Everyone’s version of “natural” is different, it is my job to listen and create something exclusively designed for you. I offer safe and painless permanent makeup services in Rocklin, CA and I am committed to helping you look and feel your personal best.

My passion is empowering my clients through my services and building meaningful connections within this beautiful community. I can’t wait to meet you and start this journey together!


Make Yourself A Priority ​




If you have sparse, thin, or uneven eyebrows, microblading is a great option for enhancing your appearance. Microblading is a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup, comprising of very thin needles approximating the shape of a blade, to hand draw each individual hair and concurrently graft the color into the skin.

Permanent Lip Blushing

Lip blushing enhances the natural shape of your lips, giving them that boost, symmetry and color. Pigments are available in all different shades of lip colors to provide a subtle color that enhances the natural lip color, lip scars could also be camouflaged.


Our eyes are truly a gateway to the soul! This is why we have designed eyeliner enhancement service to make you beautiful and amazing. With beautifully defined eyes, a professionally applied eyeliner can do the magic. If you are unsure which, eyeliner designer will suit your eye shape. Book a consultation to avail our services.

Best Permanent Makeup Services Rocklin, CA

Originally from Vacaville, CA where I started my journey in permanent makeup, I have years of experience in this field & can help you receive the right treatment for you. Or if you want to pursue a career in the permanent cosmetics industry or need professional advice, you can learn all you need to know here as well.

Best Permanent Makeup Artist in Rocklin

Shelby Rae Ink Permanent Makeup Studio wants to show you the best services that permanent makeup has to offer, such as Microblading, Ombre Shaded Brows, Tinted Lips, Combination Brows, Nano Brows, Permanent Tattoo Lip Blushing, and many more Cosmetic Services.

I work hard to produce stunning, realistic results with outstanding retention using the most up-to-date permanent makeup processes. Understanding the client’s facial structure allows us to create correctly formed brows, lips, and eyeliner that provide symmetry to the face, providing a magnificent fuller look for our clients.


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