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CRC Tattoo Removal

Best Permanent Makeup Removal, CRC Tattoo Removal by Shelby Rae Ink

CRC Tattoo Removal by Shelby Rae

The CRC tattoo remover is the first and only non-invasive tattoo removal solution in the market. Using a two-part biochemical mechanism, the CRC Tattoo Removal gradually destroys unwanted tattoo pigments. It is used during permanent make-up operations to remedy minor mistakes in microblading and tattooing, or it may also be used to remove existing PMU work.

Permanent Makeup Removal Services

It is another non-laser tattoo removal method that may be completed in 60-minute sessions on average. You don’t need a general anaesthesia because the procedure is painless.
Procedure: Ink is first brought to the surface, and then a second solution can be applied at home, slowly destroying the pigment.

CRC Tattoo Removal