Emergency Microblading

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Emergency Microblading

If you face any discomfort with the results of your microblading or permanent cosmetics procedure, make sure to visit the clinic as soon as possible. We use CRC, a non-laser removal approach, to remove permanent makeup and microblading in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

CRC may be applied on eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips.
Emergency permanent makeup and microblading removal procedures may take up to 48 hours after the microblading treatment and will remove up to 80 percent of the color.
If it’s been more than 48 hours after your procedure, you’ll need to wait at least 4 weeks before we can discuss the results. This is to ensure that the skin has ample time to recover correctly between sessions.
Depending on what you’d like to achieve, one or two permanent makeup or microblading removal procedures may be sufficient to rebuild your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips. More sessions may be necessary if complete removal is desired.